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it’s time to ask more of yourself

Fitness looks different for everyone. For some it’s an escape. For others it’s about chasing achievement. But for everyone the goal is to improve their lives.

Our workout is a physique improving, mindset shifting blend of strength and conditioning delivered with high intensity and great company.

Everyone’s Pursuit of Better is different, but we all grind it out together at Hydra.

No lock-in contract


Our class energy is contagious and our unique mix of strength and conditioning will push you to new limits.


Our culture is about training hard while enjoying the journey with the amazing people around us.


It’s never easy, but we embrace the challenge together, one rep at a time.


We know that starting can be hard. Take a breath and relax, because we’re all friends, and anyone can be a Hydralete. 

So come in, crank the music, get after the workout hard, high-five some people and most of all,enjoy the freaking ride!

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Our coaches will explain the daily workout and lead you through a structured warm up that will prepare you for the specific movements for that day. This will help prime you mentally and physically for the day’s workout.


hustle hard

The energy of our conditioning starts with a countdown and will leave you sweaty and out of breath. But there is no better feeling of accomplishment once you finish.


lift heavy

Strength is one of our major focuses and will lead to some incredible gains, both physically and mentally. You'll be taught the correct technique, so you can go hard without sacrificing safety.


hype each other up

High 5 your fellow Hydraletes and stay to chill and chat. Then come back and do it all over again tomorrow. Going to work after the gym? Use our premium amenities to get ready for your day!

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never feel lost in the class again

Every single person gets attention from the coaches. There won’t be a class where you don’t learn something new about movement, using your energy or getting motivated. 

It’s not 1 on 1, but it feels like it.

Why does hydra work so well?

We mix high energy and intensity with the sound principles of strength and conditioning to make your pursuit of better a raging success. If you work hard, the results will come. 

Worried about staying motivated? There’s no better motivation than doing it together, and in our gym, everyone’s helping each other get pumped for the workout.


what results can I expect?

Your body is a reflection of what you do and how you view yourself. The goal of our training is to influence both. Of course you will see physical changes, like an increase in strength and a leaner, more athletic physique, but more importantly, your mindset will shift. 

You will see how incredible you truly are, and you will realize that you are capable of so much more. The confidence you find in the gym will serve you in every other aspect of your life. After a while at Hydra, it’s not uncommon for relationships, careers, and ambitions to improve.

Simply put, training with us results in looking incredible, feeling confident about yourself and being able to perform at your very best.

I'm ready. let's go!

No lock-in contract

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